Reconciliation: The Reviews – Reader Reviews

News Woodstock & Region
“Ottawa author channels Woodstock into her stories” – By Heather Rivers, Woodstock Sentinel-Review – Monday, September 17, 2012

Ottawa Citizen
“Ottawa author self-publishes short story collection, Reconciliation
Book delves into well-plowed ground but still is well-crafted addition to CanLit.” By Paul Gessell, Ottawa Citizen September 9, 2012

“Books: Reconciliation Stories, by Dorothy Speak – Let me begin with a rant…” Veronica Ross, Kitchener Record

Book Club Buddy
“Reconciliation” – by Pearl Luke, Book Club Buddy, January 15, 2013

Ottawa West EMC
“Glebe author reaches out locally to promote book, New short story collection touches themes of relationships, loss, betrayal” by Michelle Nash, Ottawa West EMC, January 17, 2013

Glebe Report
“The triumph of self in the face of adversity,” Gillian Campbell, Glebe Report, February 15, 2013

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