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In this eagerly awaited third collection, Dorothy Speak brings her familiar wit, compassion and irony to bear on stories about the fragility and elusiveness of love. A house painter whose wife dies of cancer learns a painful truth about his marriage from his estranged son; a woman involved in a fatal car accident discovers that the husband she took for granted has become a stranger; a small-time journalist in a coastal city is betrayed by her best friend. These stories about adult relationships in urban settings explore the themes of loss, betrayal and self-discovery for which Speak has been praised. Each story is crafted in her lustrous prose. This is a book that will reward every adult intrigued by the unpredictability and mystery of life.

“The Prime of His Life” – excerpt from Reconciliation

Praise for Reconciliation

“Superb and memorable stories about marriage, divorce, death of parents, the mystery of love, the enduring if annoying family ties. The prose is polished and the settings seem familiar, like turning a street corner and there it is — the street you know you have seen, whether it’s in Ottawa or British Columbia. There are also absurd comedic elements and the dialogue is right on.” Veronica Ross, The Kitchener Record

“Collectively, these stories are an insightful commentary on the precarious state of the nuclear family in Western society… there is pain all around. But pain subsides and the kids, with their own strong instincts for self-preservation, find ways to cope. Speak does not seem to celebrate nor lament this collapse of the traditional nuclear family. Instead, she seeks a silver lining, as her various protagonists rise from the wreckage of the family home to pursue a new life offering more, often solitary, fulfillment.” Paul Gessell, The Ottawa Citizen

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