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“There is a wonderful new short story writer called Dorothy Speak. Have you caught up with Dorothy Speak?” –Margaret Atwood

The Record, Kitchener Ontario (pdf)
“Storyteller is a worthy heir to Munro”

Reviewed by Frances Itani (pdf)
“Local author leaps ahead”

Quill & Quire, August 1996 (pdf)
“Shrewd, compassionate, seductive stories”

Globe & Mail, October 26, 1996 (pdf)
“Adjusting the sexual volume”

The Sunday Sun, October 6, 1996 (pdf)
“Lust in a cold climate”

The Toronto Star – Saturday, December 21, 1996 (pdf)
“Superb collection tracks misery of wounded spiritis”

London Free Press, April 1, 1997 (pdf)
“Speak’s entertaining style gives her fiction an uncommon lustre”

The Ottawa Citizen (pdf)
“Coming into her own”

Calgary Herald (pdf)
“Speak’s short stories explore territory of love”

Telegraph Journal (pdf)
“Women loved and loving in the worst of circumstances”

The Canadian Forum (pdf)
“Terrible Women”

Hour, Detroit (pdf)
“Dark short stories that shine luminously”

Kirkus Reivews, May 15, 1998 (pdf)
“A fine collection of nine edgy, vivid stories, most of which appeared first in Canadian periodicals…”

St. Martin’s Press, May 4, 1998 (pdf)
“These nine absorbing tales of passion and isolation set in rural Canada feature spirited women getting even…”

Redbook, August 1998 (pdf)
“If time is scarce, try reading something from this short story collection…”

Time Out New York (pdf)
“At a time when many short-story writers have eschewed entertaining plots in favor of, say, faux-meaningful exegeses on the lint in a character’s belly button…”

L.A. Times (pdf)
“Short stories have a way of containing the ticktock of daily life in an ominous, shattering way…”