Object of Your Love

Object Of Your Love Cover“Dorothy Speak’s Object of Your Love is a very accomplished book of short stories. They’re straight-from-the-shoulder tales about passion gone wildly astray.” Margaret Atwood

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This collection of short fiction is about modern women in love and the choices they must make when they find themselves loving what they cannot have. Linked by themes of desire and betrayal, these compelling narratives are set in small towns and communities and describe the disappointments and reconciliations of women whose lives have been torn apart by the pain of adultery. These are stories in which the aches and fissures of love break and transform the heart and charge the soul with the balm of epiphanous release and recovery. There is a rare quality to these tales of deception and delusion: they display a clarity of voice and an exceptional use of language and description. Most important, they are completely absorbing and an utter joy to read. A highly original conjurer of the human heart, Dorothy Speak is a writer of most subtle and rare ability.

“Eagle’s Bride” – excerpt from Object of Your Love

Praise for Object of Your Love

“It is Dorothy Speak’s great talent that each and every one of these stories grabs your attention and doesn’t let go until the last word.” Timothy Findley

“This is one of the finest story collections I have read in years. Dorothy Speak can run with the best storytellers: Alice Munro, Ellen Gilchrist, Alice Adams, Joyce Carol Oates, Jayne Anne Phillips.” W. P. Kinsella

“The smallness in people, the meanness, the coldness, the banality of their sins makes the plots containing these stories burst at their steely seams.” L.A. Times

“Dorothy Speak skillfully wields old-fashioned favourites like death, jealousy and illicit sex to create powerful, indelible tales.” Time Out New York

“Speak’s characters are willful and original; her prose is spare, sharp and intense.” Redbook

“Speak is a gifted analyst of the stark realities of life. In this outstanding collection, she explores the intricate terrain of women’s hearts in eloquent and witty prose.” Publishers Weekly

“Strong, memorable stories that add scarred, exhausted flesh and blood to the sad statistics of the heart. Alice Munro would surely approve.” Kirkus Reviews

“Not for the faint of heart or for readers in search of fairy-tale endings, Object of Your Love is nonetheless relentlessly fascinating. In showing us just how dark that dark can be, Dorothy Speak’s voice is lean and eloquent, hard-edged as the facets of a diamond and just as brilliant.” Hour

“One of the most readable and compelling works of fiction published this year.” Toronto Star

“We are enjoying the greatest flowering of CanLit we have ever had – Margaret Atwood, Alice Munro, Katherine Govier, Douglas Coupland, Michael Ondaatje and Carol Shields. Welcome to the gang, Dorothy Speak.” Heather Mallick

“Dorothy Speak works by turning up the volume on what is normally unsaid.” Joan Thomas

“The mature work of an imaginative and insightful writer at the top of her form. Don’t miss it.” The Canadian Forum

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